About our automated bank reconciliation software:

I have been a freelance accountant and bookkeeper for many years. One of the most tedious task I always found is the bank reconciliation task. Having 20 clients who each have at least 1 bank account, equals to 240 + bank reconciliations per year. Being busy made that I would do the more urgent tasks first and sometimes leave the bank reconciliations for later. I have been in situations where I have done one full year of bank reconciliations during a weekend right at year end !

Bank reconciliation can be frustrating also. After manually checking/ticking the bank entries against the accounting entries, I have often found myself not balancing at the end of a reconciliation. Forgetting to tick an entry makes a big difference at the end and I have often had to start again a reconciliation from the beginning and sometimes more than once.

With the technology that exists, I thought that there must be solution that could help me be more effective with my bank reconciliations. I looked for solutions in excel but never found a solution that did exactly what I was looking for. I also searched for automatic bank reconciliation software but the solutions seemed either geared towards a specific ERP software, towards large corporations or very pricey and not worth spending more that I would end up billing my clients.

With that, I kept on doing my bank reconciliation and kept on being frustrated. Then I decided to develop a software that would be easy to use, quick, efficient and affordable to automate the bank reconciliation process. I started taking programming lessons thinking that I could build it by myself. Eventually, I realized that this was too complex of a task for me and I asked my teacher to program it.

It took about 2 years to program and test and I am now making it available for people who, like me, would like to speed up their bank reconciliation process and be more effective.

So that is the story behind the bookkeepingtoolbox.com website and the automated bank reconciliation software. Feel free to try it and to give me your feedback, I really look forward to hearing your comments.

Stephane Lessard